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Internal conflict is the hurdle you are constantly trying to combat while training. I have been in contact with over 880 people at Crossfit South Denver and after speaking to them, a central theme arises.

A)People who are comfortable with, and know why they are coming to the gym.

B)People who are searching for the motivation to come to the gym.

The easiest way to excuse yourself from consistently coming to the the gym is a lack of defining what you want out of your attendance.

If you want something as an adult in a first world society you can, within reason, get what you want.

So define what you want, and it will start the journey.

Reminding yourself of your motivation, and continually reassessing that motivation, is a requirement.

People are complex and continually adapting, so are your goals and motivations.

Your needs on the other hand, are not changing. Two articles linked below, both of which discuss the minimum and maximum allowances for exercise.…/the-right-dose-of-exercise-f…/……/expert-a…/exercise/faq-20057916

To summarize these articles, what an adult needs to prevent early death (life expecatancy is ~76 for men, ~81 for women) is 300-500 minutes of exercise each week; this includes walking.

Within that 300-500 minutes per week, what do you want to achieve? Don’t know? Show up to the gym four times a week and find out.

I have discussed with those who are unsure about Crossfit about their own personal internal conflicts. What I tend to hear is “Am I the type of person who works out this hard?”, “Is this methodology ideal for me?”, or sometimes “Am I someone who works out at all?”

Don’t let the society you live in determine what you want, and certainly not what you need. Allowing others to dictate what your health needs will lead to an unhealthy, injury prone, and fragile individual.

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Why should I join CrossFit South Denver?

Pricing: CrossFit South Denver is the most competitively priced gym in Colorado.

Experience: South Denver was affiliated with the oldest crossfit gym in Colorado 2009. With all those years comes extensive training experience for all ages and athletic backgrounds. It doesn’t matter who you are; we can work with you to get you to the level of fitness desired.

Size: With over 4,000 square feet of usable space, we are not a closet or garage CrossFit gym.

Community: First and foremost, we are a community-based organization. We are not just a gym. We are a collection of diverse individuals all coming together in the pursuit of optimal health.

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