Angela Massuzo


Crossfit Level 1

Crossfit Mobility Certification

Angela started CrossFit in late 2012 at the persuasion of her husband Joseph. Joe is active duty Marine Corps and they were stationed at MCAS Cherry Point in North Carolina at the time. Unlike most athletes, Angela had the privilege of starting her CF journey at a non-profit military affiliate that was established on the base, CrossFit Cherry Point. All the coaches at CFCP volunteered their time to coach multiple classes per day and they relied solely on donations for equipment. It was the epitome of what the CF community is all about. On her first day she remembers seeing the only female coach there, Christy, lifting just as much weight as the guys and then proceeding to out-run them with little effort. She was so strong and confident…and if doing CrossFit made her feel and look like that …then she was in.

After attending classes at CFCP for several months I was fortunate enough to get my L1. I coached at CFCP and then when one of their athletes opened an affiliate out in town, Crossfit Burn, both Joe and Angela happily followed him. While coaching there, Angela obtained her CF Mobility certification. In November of 2013, military orders took Joe and Angela to Denver. She tried out other gyms, but it never felt the same. Angela garage WOD’ed for some time, but that feeling of being a part of a box was missing in her life. In late fall 2014, she tried her first free class on a Saturday with Dan and loved the atmosphere and decided she wanted to become a member. She has said herself, “I really enjoy the people here and I look forward to becoming an integral part of the community that makes CF so special at South Denver.”