Joseph O’Horo


Crossfit Level 1

USAW Sports Performance Coaching

Crossfit Endurance

Outlaw Training Camp

Joe began his CrossFit journey in the summer of 2010 as a way to supplement his training for the All Marine Soccer Team. CrossFit Cherry Point was a non-profit affiliate that operated on Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in North Carolina at the time. Joe’s introduction to CrossFit was a 21-15-9 partner workout that included Thrusters and Kettlebell swings with the catch that they had to push a Toyota Tundra 25 yards in between each movement. Joe was captivated by the community that existed in this small group of people that stored their equipment in a storage container and rain or shine lifted outside and suffered together. He quickly made it a habit to attend their classes during his lunch hour sometimes working out in 98 degree weather with 90% humidity. It didn’t bother him because they were all suffering together. 

In October of 2010 Joe suffered a broken left tibia and fibula which required surgery and a metal rod to be placed in his leg. He quickly learned that through constant variance and scaled workouts, he could continue to improve his fitness and recover faster. It was then that Joe truly realized the benefits of CrossFit and the idea of constant variance and universal scalability.

Joe attended his Level 1 Course in September of 2011 and quickly absorbed himself into the coaching aspect of better human movement and potential. Since then he has attended the CrossFit Endurance Course, USAW Sports Performance Coaching course, and the Outlaw Training Camp. Joe has coached at two gyms previous to South Denver and he looks forward to sharing his experience and knowledge for many more years to come. 

Joe genuinely believes that the power of CrossFit lies in the community built around it. People are inherently competitive and social beings. When we can focus on that community and build the ties that strengthen each individual, we are capable of astonishing things. He will continue to CrossFit for the rest of his life and he wakes up every day excited to see what he is capable of accomplishing.