As of January 2016 I have been doing CrossFit for three years. Crazy to think that it has been that long! Three years ago I was strictly a runner, signing up for a new race every month to keep me motivated. One mile jogs turned into 5Ks, then I ran a few 10Ks, a 10miler and then a half marathon. I loved running, but needed something new in my life.

At my first CrossFit gym, CrossFit Denver I would attend their free Saturday workouts which were very similar to CrossFit. I did this for three months before even signing a contract with them. And then, I was one of those new year resolutioners. I signed up for three months of CrossFit and I guess what they say is, “the rest is history.”

I have competed in a handful of competitions, have made some amazing friends through CrossFit and now, I am teaching BodyFit and am the Social Media Director for CrossFit South Denver. BodyFit classes are 45 minutes to an hour long and every class includes a warm up, a workout, and a cool down which is very similar to what you would see if you attended one of our CrossFit classes. On Wednesdays we get started at 6:15pm and on Saturday’s classes start at 10am. The cool part about BodyFit is that the classes are typically smaller in size so they are more personalized and I am able to help each person out more to achieve their individual goals.

On a personal note, I am engaged and planning a wedding set for June 2016 which I am enjoying tremendously. My fiancé and I have a little 14lb Chihuahua mix named Simba and we have lived in Englewood for a little over three years. When I am not in the gym I enjoy learning calligraphy, taking photographs, and am also a full-time employee for the City & County of Broomfield as a GIS Specialist. I am excited what my future holds with CrossFit and love making our community better.