Crossfit Level 1 and Crossfit Level 2

Crossfit Mobility

Crossfit Aerobic Capacity

Jon North Attitude Nation

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Crossfit as a training methodology and scalable fitness program has changed my life. Crossfits principles of providing a structured, teachable foundation for learning how to move your body has allowed me to change people’s way of looking at themselves, and what they are capable of doing. Crossfit has removed physical limitations that I didn’t even realize were in my life and provided me with the necessary tools to get past those limitations. If I am able to help someone learn a new skill with their bodies I believe it also helps them mentally. If I am able to help whole groups learn a new skill, as well as provide a place for them to interact with one another, I believe it helps the community I live in as well. To summarize on what I want to achieve as an affiliate, it would be my honor to provide a positive location for people to meet, interact, learn, and develop alongside one another to push past once unattainable goals. I plan to do this by fully integrating Crossfits training methodologies and community centered core values.

Physical activity has been my life. I started playing competitive football in the fields of Houston Texas at the age of 6. That developed into me playing football at Oklahoma State University during my college career. I achieved a certain physical capability at the age of 21 that I thought I would never be able to obtain again. Crossfit not only showed me how to obtain a higher level of fitness but also one that was more conscious of my health.

I found Crossfit in the summer of 2010 during my internship with the Oklahoma State Football weightlifting program. I did Crossfit.com programming for roughly one year before trying out my own programming. I joined Crossfit South Denver in August of 2012. I have instructed at Crossfit South Denver since January of 2013. I immediately saw the advantages of working alongside others who were striving for improvement as well. I attended my Level 1 at the Colorado State Patrol in March of 2013. Level 2 in February of 2015 at Roots in Boulder Colorado.