Patrick Kelly


Crossfit Level 1

Attitude Nation Seminar

Patrick’s journey to CrossFit glory began when he was but a university student in northern California in the year two thousand and six.  After feeling unmotivated or challenged with the normal gym routine of bicep curl super-sets and bench press, he heard about this new line of workout, CrossFit, whose origins began but a mere 30 minutes from his school.

He began to do it at the university’s gym, much to the chagrin and dismay of other gym patrons.  With the love for CrossFit, nothing else could compare.  Fast forward three years, after a time in which Patrick traveled the world, saved a baby from a burning building, got a corporate job, and completed one successful game of ‘Mine Sweeper’, he again found his way back to CrossFit, this time at CrossFit South Denver.

Patrick has his Level 1 Certification, enjoys meeting new people, helping them achieve their goals in CrossFit, and can always be counted on for a good joke or dance move before a workout.  He is very honored to be a part of such a great coaching staff and gym, and looks forward to coming in the gym every day