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-Kyle and Crossfit South Denver have made me feel like part of the family at Crossfit South Denver. He gives 110% to each and every person in the class. He pays attention to detail nd is not afraid to correct you when needed, which I need and is appreciated greatly! I feel like he works hard to make sure everyone is safely and correctly working towards their goals.




Bio by Nate :


Why did I join CrossFit?  I guess there were multiple reasons and they went something like this….

I was sick of working out for myself coming up with daily plans and variations.  I wanted to make gains instead of staying at the dreaded plateau.  I wanted workouts that were shorter in duration because my existing workouts were too much for my body to handle and led to consistent injuries.  My wife said she liked it.  I wanted to see what the hype was all about.  I wanted a challenge.  I wanted to improve.  I wouldn’t mind if my chest went from concave to convex in the process…. ie I wanted to be confident with my shirt off (I have always been weak and skinny and never felt confident at the beach or pool).


What did I get/am I getting out of Crossfit?

All of the things above, but they are the low hanging fruit.  Ultimately, the thing that I have received, continue to receive, and what led to the above accomplishments is a Community.  From the first timer to the seasoned vet and from coaches to owners there is not a single person that I have met that I haven’t enjoyed meeting.  While I certainly know some better than others, the high five at the end of every workout is a bond that can’t be taken away.  We suffer through short periods of duress together and come out the other end better for it and, in a sense, united.  What more could you ask for in a gym?  In fact, reading the words above, it sounds a lot more like I’m describing a close friend, family member, mentor, or trusted advisor.  The fact that it is a gym is impressive, to say the least.

Why did I join CFSD?

Because it was close to where my wife and I lived.  The better question is, why do we continue to go to CFSD when we just moved 20 miles away?  All you need to do it read above and I think that answer is clear.  Thanks to everyone at CFSD for creating a wonderful environment.


Bio by Gabe Re


Gabe Re

1) What was your biggest fear about trying Crossfit?
Prior to joining a Crossfit gym my biggest fear was injury. There was a lot of misinformation floating around the internet about Crossfit and lifting heavy. I had avoided lifting heavy, specifically squats, throughout my athletic career for fear of injury. 

2) What you’ve enjoyed most about Crossfit not just CFSD but anywhere.
I really enjoy learning new skills and challenging myself to do things I’ve never done before. I also enjoy the competition aspect of Crossfit, competition against myself and old PRs and also competition against other athletes within the gym.

3) Do you draw any health benefit from Crossfit? Is it making you noticeably healthier, example of loss of health or a benefit.
Too many to name, but the biggest benefit I’ve gained from Crossfit is injury prevention. This is the longest period of time in my athletic career that I have been injury free. In high school and college I was plagued by injury: two shoulder surgeries, two torn meniscuses, ankle problems.



Bio by Ashley C.




1) what was your biggest fear about trying Crossfit?

I wouldn’t call it “fear,” but some of the gym folks I knew through my now-husband really intimidated me. I was afraid that they wouldn’t like or accept me, because I suck at everything in Crossfit.

2) What you’ve enjoyed most about Crossfit not just CFSD but anywhere.

The community of commiseration. Friends that sweat together are friends that stick together, sometimes even literally :P. I’ve also really enjoyed learning about and practicing weightlifting, something that I NEVER thought I’d say. It’s mostly just frustrating, but every now and then, something that didn’t make sense before just “clicks,” and that’s a really awesome feeling to strive for.

3) Do you draw any health benefit from Crossfit? Is it making you noticeably healthier, example of loss of health or a benefit.

My flabby math teacher arms are noticeably less flabby math teacher-y. My tattoo artist was super stoked to see how much better her art looks on a more taut canvas! Also, my resting heart rate is back down in the 60s, where it was when I was a swimmer in high school, and I no longer rely solely on my husband to carry heavy shit from Costco (I.e. 8 cases of LaCroix/month) into our house. Most importantly, I sleep better, I focus better, and I feel better.

Bio by Jeremey Lawrence:


I have been a runner for a short time of my life, starting about seven years ago with short miles, at which I progressed to much MUCH longer distances, eventually becoming an ultra distance runner.  During several races over the years prior to starting CrossFit, I was hitting a lot of the proverbial “WALL”s of fatigue and cramping that took me out of several races ultras with an DNF (Did Not Finish).  After every DNF I immediately turned around and signed up for the same race the following year with the goal that “I WILL FINISH THIS” the following year.  I did this for several years and was starting to get burned out on the long slow day runs where I was still struggling with fatigue and cramping in my lower body muscles and especially my back and shoulders.
A friend of mine, who is now a former member of CrossFit South Denver due to moving to Boulder, had suggested that I do some cross training prior to my first attempt at Leadville 100 with the idea of:
one – save time on my commute for a short dark trail run in the foothills
two – build some amazing core stability strength that would help me with the fatigue and cramping (cramping in the shoulders due to running for hours and hours and hours).
In March of 2013 I attended my first Saturday class and was completely annihilated by something as meager as a 25 minute class which I think had a 50 burpee buy-in.  I had never once done a burpee in my live let alone a CrossFit (true) burpee.  I was soaked head to toe in sweat at the end with a smile ear to ear.  SOLD!!!
The following week I signed up for Elements and was on my way.  I was hooked, all members and coaches became a growing extended family, where I became stronger physically and mentally.  That year (2013) I was finishing my last year of grad school and didn’t have the time for the long slow distance runs, but had just enough time for CrossFit to get back to family, work, and school life.  I was signed up and ready to go for Leadville 100 that year, but was definitely not trained enough miles wise to complete the race in 2013.  I was pretty upset and not sure what to do, took a few months off of all major exercise, and then felt it was time to slowly get back into endurance sports and CrossFit.  I started to talk to my coaches about my long term goals of “I WILL FINISH THIS” and signed up for Leadville 100 2014.  The coaches at CrossFit South Denver worked with me on not necessarily creating mass strength but rather fitting CrossFit into how to find the correct form when performing the exercises that helped strengthen my back and core as well as the drive to push myself past the “WALL”s! to finish Leadville 100 in 2014.
Unfortunately in March of 2015 I tore an ACL while SKIING not trail running and definitely not at a CrossFit class or while performing any Olympic lifting (yes was immediately commented on those being the cause (haters)) :).  I miss solo trail runs and group runs in the wilderness, but I really miss CrossFit South Denver and the community where classes start with a smiles from everyone and after a 7 to 30 minute annihilating work out where we are all on the floor trying to keep our eyes from bursting out of our heads, catching our breath between FRAN coughs, with the main goal of congratulating each other with a high five an “YOU KILLED IT” type of love!
Why CrossFit South Denver?  “Family” that cares about each other and want to make sure that form is the primary focus, rather then excessive gains that may lead to injuries.  I have been told with a stern voice to drop weight and focus on form many times by my “Family”.  I cannot wait to get back to it all and SLOWLY get back to where I was prior to the ACL injury.

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Kyle knows more about human movement than most doctors. Really With his guidance you can learn and do more than you ever have. I’ve been a dancer, a yogi, a runner, you name it, but I’ve learned more from him in two years, than I had in the previous 20. He is humble, frank, kind, and very un-bro-y. He is the antithesis of Crossfit stereotypes and the best trainer I’ve every had. He thinks you can do it and it turns out he’s usually right. If you are motiviated but think you’re at your peak and need to be challenged, you can’t make a better decision than training with Kyle and Crossfit South Denver.