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Do you have Goals? Or are you just working out?


When we program for the month of your workouts here at Crossfit South Denver we are programming for General Physical Preparedness(GPP). We want you to be stronger, quicker, and more prepared mentally than you were the previous month. If you have specific goals to meet (squat more, run faster, run longer,) in a certain short time frame(1 month, 2 weeks, 6 months) our program will help. But without specifically targeting your weaknesses in between classes or after class or during open gym time you might not meet a personal goal. If you are here to be a better moving, healthier, stronger version of yourself, that’s exactly what our program will give back to you. However only if you give yourself to the program we design.

My personal long term goals are to be able to run, and squat until I’m 70+ years old, with the intent of competing until that age in 5k’s and Crossfit. I try to stay as close to a GPP program because of this goal, otherwise known as Crossfit. Sometimes I stray and put emphasis on getting stronger for a couple of months, or trying to run faster for a month. My training thus changes slightly to emphasize those things. If you have goals let me know, our coaches here can supplement your training. You are in charge of your health, but we are here to help you meet those goals that lead to health and a happier you. Have a great weekend and enjoy your health.