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Tips to Get More out of Your WODs:
1.  Dont’ Turn Metcons into Strength Workouts:  Look at the best person in your class; if your speed and pace doesn’t look like their workout, you are sort of missing the point.  Using submaximal weights is necessary to build speed and endurance.  When we say a WOD should be a sprint or should be completed in a certain frame, we mean just that.  There is no shame in scaling the weight in order to do so.
2.  Put the time into developing your skills:  You need to turn your weaknesses into your favorite exercises.  Go to Open Gym, come before or stay after class and seek out individual instruction from your coaches.  You don’t have to leave the gym everyday in a heap of blood, sweat and tears in order to stay fit.  Change it up every couple of weeks and trade out a WOD for an Open Gym skill session, trust me, you won’t regret it when you start busting out the Handstand Push-ups in the middle of a WOD.
3.  WOD to enjoy your health and get better, live to train another day:  Every athlete walks in the door of the gym with a different agenda.  Some people just want to get a good sweat on and look good naked, so be it.  Some people want to get bigger, stronger, faster and have more competitive goals.  A lot of you probably want some of both, and some of you find working out with others is very therapeutic and the social aspect of CrossFit motivates you to spend an hour away from your chaotic and stressful lifestyle.  ALL are good reasons. As coaches, we can always do a better job of recognizing your individual fitness needs.  We are here for you, we want to keep the lines of communication open with each and every one of you. So don’t be afraid to let us know what you are looking to get out of your daily WODs and what kind of long-term or short-term CrossFit goals you may have.  We really do want to help!
4.  Stop holding yourself to the standards of others, in other words, THE WHITEBOARD IS NOT THE HOLY GRAIL OF FITNESS!  Yes, we all do it as soon as we walk into the gym, we go right up to the whiteboard and start comparing ourselves to others.  Try taking a break from chasing weights, numbers, and times.  Constantly comparing yourself to others can become toxic and all-consuming.  Remember, the whiteboard is erased every week; and as a coach, I HONESTLY don’t judge you by your performance in a WOD, I am much more receptive to humility, integrity, and a positive attitude than whether you Rx’d a WOD with poor technique or crushed everyone in the class with questionable range of motion.

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