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Common Mistakes CrossFitters Make
When we first get the “bug” and officially become addicted to CrossFit, some of us tend to go to the extreme and develop some poor training habits.  Below are some of the more common ones that I have seen over the years and some ways to avoid them:
  1. Sacrificing Technique and Movement Efficiency for Intensity and/or Speed-  This is the most common mistake that I see on a daily basis as a trainer.  Throwing good form out of the window and compromising range of motion for the sake of more reps or a faster time is doing you absolutely no good!  You are only setting yourself up for injury; slow it down.  Re-set your back and starting position from the ground when lifting a barbell, in gymnastic movements, aim for quality over high volume questionable reps, use less weight, the list goes on.  You will not get stronger or fitter by short-changing your form in WODs.
  2. Not working on weakness and/or “Cherry Picking” WODs-  Skipping Snatch day, a WOD focused on gymnastic movements, or running/rowing is not going to make you a better all-around athlete.  The whiteboard is not the holy grail….you might be at the bottom of the leaderboard on days that don’t cater to your strengths, so what.  Working on your weaknesses will most definitely transfer over to your strengths.
  3. Not getting enough sleep-  You cannot recover from your WODs and perform at a high level at the gym or in your everyday life without good quality sleep….enough said.
  4. Not listening to your coaches/not checking your ego at the door-  We genuinely want you to get better, stronger, faster, etc.  But, if we tell you to take some weight off your bar, do it.  If we tell you to land in a quarter squat, do it.  First and foremost, we are looking out for your safety, so listen and take our advice!  Also, refer back up to #1.
  5. Not working on Mobility-  If you arrive 10-15 minutes before your class time, use it wisely!  Squat therapy,  shoulder mobility exercises, stretching, etc.  Texting while foam rolling is not advised.