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This one is for those of you who are “perfect” during the week, indulge over the weekend, and then feel guilty about it….

For years, we have been given copious amounts of advice on how to avoid weight gain over the holidays, tips on what dishes to avoid at the yearly office party, recipes for “lite” eggnog, paleo stuffing (barf), low cal pumpkin pie, entire recipe books dedicated to cooking light over the holidays.  Then you have your earn your turkey 10k Thanksgiving day, followed by the subsequent burn your turkey WOD the day after.  And then there is always a “12 Days of Christmas” WOD that you can hit up at any CrossFit gym during the week before Christmas.   These holidays are only once a year, celebrate and indulge for goodness sake!  Honestly, these days I find it rather challenging to not LOSE weight this time of the year!

But it’s the summer season when EVERY weekend there seems to be multiple indulgent events over those 2 precious days of sun and fun.  Happy Hour on the deck, brunch on the patio, BBQs, weddings, graduation parties, music festivals, and long holiday weekends.  You start off your Friday night with shots to toast the end of the work week, so and so’s rehearsal dinner, and the start of a long holiday weekend.  Saturday morning it’s Snooze for your girlfriend’s birthday brunch, so why not start with Bottomless Mimosas while you wait an hour in line for your table and a large stack of pancakes because you are absolutely starving at this point.  Next stop, Wash Park for the first of several picnic drop-ins, a beer here, a cider there.  Then onto the Saturday night wedding starting with cocktail hour while the wedding party takes a million pictures, followed by the buffet, then the champagne toast, the wedding cake, and more than likely heading over to the hotel bar when the bride and groom’s parents decide that maybe a complimentary bar was not the best idea.  Sunday late morning or early afternoon rolls around, you finally wake up and nothing cures a hangover better than a smothered breakfast burrito at the Mexican joint down the street and since we are still playing hockey in June (WTF?) we might as well hang out with 1 last pitcher of beer and catch the game.  Then the final buzzer goes off and the guilt starts to set in…..

So here are few tips to get over the guilt of weekend gluttony and stay on track….
1.  If you have multiple indulgent events you have RSPV’d to over the weekend, pick one where you really want to let loose and enjoy the delicacies.  If you cannot wait to hit that dessert bar and donut cake (this would definitely be my choice) at the wedding on Saturday night, make that your jam.  If fried chicken and waffles at Devil’s Food on Sunday morning is your calling, by all means.  If you live for HH on Friday night after work, then cheers and bottoms up!  I am just suggesting that you don’t pick option “D,” which is all of the above.

2.  On Sunday afternoon when the buzz has finally worn off and the hangover is manageable, it is time to move and to move on.  Walk the dog, walk yourself.  Go for a bike ride.  But what I am NOT suggesting  is 2 back-to-back Hero WODs, or getting a jump start on Monday’s Monster Mash.  Exercise is not punishment for enjoying your weekend.

3.  On that above mentioned walk or bike ride, make a game plan for the week.  Make a mental grocery list for your trip to the Un-Safeway, Whole Paycheck, or King Sooper’s (someone please tell me the origin of this name?!).  Figure out your gym days, rest days, and play outside days for the week.  Start focusing on moving forward, not what you did over the weekend.
4.  Forgive yourself.
5.  Rinse and repeat steps 1-4.