WOD Friday, 6/28/2013


3 x 50 strokes (row)

3 individual efforts, take rest as needed between rounds

Get as far as you can in 50 strokes, keeping your strokes per minute OVER 20 (top-right of the display). Lets make this a partner workout as it may be difficult to keep track of strokes. So have a counter/coach to count your strokes for you.

Your first piece, you will have your damper at 10.
Second piece, 7
Third piece, 4

Post your total meters over the three pieces.

Death by Push-Up (5-15)

11 minute workout.

1st minute = 5 push-up, 2nd minute = 6 push-ups, 3rd minute = 7 push-ups, etc.

Go until you can’t make the prescribed number in a minute. Then drop back 5 and try to do that number for the rest of the workout. If not, drop back 5 more and try it again.

Push-ups must be CFG (CrossFit Games) Push-Ups. Each rep, chest to floor and remove hands from floor completely, then replace and push up to elbows locked.

Please note how many successful reps you get before you bust. Please note any modifications in the ”Why not Rx” section.

Our classes today are:
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