WOD Friday, 7/04/2014

Happy 4th of July!  CFSD has one workout today, at 11am.  Join us!

4th of July 2014 Partner WOD Fri,Jul 4,2014

2 person teams must complete the following:

When the clock begins, partner A rows 888 meters while partner B starts the 1st round of the triplet. Once partner A finishes their row, partner B rows 888 meter while partner A picks up where partner B left off in the triplet. Once both partners have completed rowing, only one person will work on the triplet while the other person ‘rests’ holding the bar in the front rack position. Partners will tag off when the ‘resting’ partner has to drop the bar. Each partner will have their own bar.

7 Rounds total b/w partners:
4 Clean & Jerks (155#/105#) Rx2: (115#/75#)
17 Burpee Box Jumps (28’/24′) Rx2: (24’/20′)
76 Double Unders


Our classes today are:
Workout of the Day:11am


4th of July holiday schedule
Our 4th of July weekend schedule will be normal schedule EXCEPT for Friday the 4th.  On the 4th we will have one workout at each gym:  9am at CrossFit Denver, 11am at CrossFit South Denver.

Interested in trying a workout at CrossFit South Denver? Click Here!