WOD Friday, 8/16/2013


1RM C&J (3 attempts)

Take 10 Minutes to warm up to a heavy clean & jerk


In 5 minutes, take 3 attempts at a max clean & jerk

Death by KB Swing (55/35 American) (5-20)

Death by Kettlebell Swing 55/35 American

15 minute workout — on the minute:

1st minute: 6 KB Swings
2nd minute: 7 KB Swings
3rd minute: 8 KB Swings
‘ ‘
15th minute: 20 KB Swings

Your score is the highest number of reps you can get in a minute before you miss.

If/when you miss, drop back 5 reps and attempt to do that many reps for the remainder of the workout. If you miss again, drop back 5 again.

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