WOD Monday, 7/22/2013

Deadlift (7×3)



First two rounds are a warm up. Try to increase weight each round. We’re looking to end up with our last set of 3 at 85% of 1RM (or more if possible). We want to start fairly heavy, maybe 60% 1RM and move up in small increments, 5 or 10 pounds per set.

Track max weight at your last successful 3-rep set. Please note any weights used to build up to your max weight in the ”Why not Rx” section.

Cleans & Mikes + a run


7 Hang Power Cleans 155/105#
14 iron mikes (1=1)

*Rest 2 minutes – then:

Run 800m for time.

Our classes today are:
Workout of the Day: 6:00am, 10:00am, noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm
Elements 2: 6:30pm


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