WOD Sunday, 9/14/2014

Sunday Partner WOD #2 Sun,Sep 14,2014

With a Partner, each do 10 Rounds of:

1 Power Clean to 1 Squat Clean to 3 Deadlifts (205#/135#) Rx2: (175#/105#)
8 Burpees
Sprint 100 Meters

**Person “A” does the barbell work/burpees/run while person “B” rests. When “A” returns from the run “B” does the barbell work/burpees/run while “A” rests. That is 1 round


Our classes today are:
Workout of the Day: 9:30a, 5:30p


Next week we are moving the noon back to 9:30am in anticipation for Broncos games.

Starting the 17th of August Sunday Workout times.



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