WOD Tuesday, 7/23/2013


Partner Cindy

Partner Cindy – Perform with a partner:

5 Pull-Ups (Hang from bar)
10 Push-Ups (Hold Push-Up Plank)
15 Air Squats (Wall sit – Hold bottom of squat)


Partners alternate rounds, i.e. one partner does 1 round dynamically, then switches to static hold role while other partner does dynamic movements.

While one partner performs pull-ups, other partner hangs from the bar. Reps only count while partner is hanging from bar.

While one partner performs push-ups, other partner holds a push-up plank. Reps only count while partner is in push-up plank (elbows locked, body planked)

While one partner performs air squats, other partner holds the bottom of an air squat. Reps only count while partner is in the bottom of the squat.

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